Things I learnt today (lists made while I have a cold)

I have a cold. I’m trying to look on the bright-side. Here’s what I’ve learnt;

  • You should always put your coat on when it is freezing cold outside. Even if you think you look super cute in that new top you are wearing. You don’t look cute. You look freezing. So wear the damn coat.
  • You cannot catch a cold from being cold (so it’s not my fault but I should still wear a coat in winter)
  • I can wear my comfortable, oversized, that-looks-like-my-grandma’s cardigan to work and no-one minds because I Have A Cold.
  • I can leave work a little bit early because I Have A Cold.
  • I can have extra long, extra hot showers because I Have A Cold.
  • I can just have toast and jam and a cup of tea for dinner because I Have A Cold.
  • Blankets are nice.
  • Some brilliant person invented amazing tissues infused with Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus and Vitamin E.
  • I still don’t know why I need Vitamin E in a tissue.
  • Copywriters sometimes don’t have a lot of material to work with – on the bottom of the tissue box it reads “We hope that you love them as much as they love you and your family” … No.
  • More people than you realise turn out to be medical experts when you have a cold.
  • Sick days taken when you’re actually sick are not as fun as sick days taken when you just need a day off. They are, however, filled with less guilt and paranoia.
  • Being sick on your actual day off is a bit of a waste of your actual day off … But at least I’m saving those sick days for when I’m not actually sick.
  • Honey.
  • Lemon.
  • Honey and Lemon.
  • My boyfriend loves me even with the runny nose and the cough and the messy hair and the complaining and the miserable-face and the complaining and the tissues all over the floor and the complaining …
  • My boyfriend is a whole lot of awesome and he makes good soup (this is not a euphemism).
  • I am very lucky that all I have to complain about is the fact that I Have A Cold.
  • It’s not that bad.


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