a messy blog

This blog is a mess. There should be a through-line. A clear and consistent message. A brand. (Shudder.) A sense of purpose and audience and … meaning? It should be a lot neater than it is. And updated more regularly. But it is not.

And I have not.

Have not been consistent. Or clear.

Or updated as regularly as I should have been.

I don’t know how this is all supposed to work.

Which isn’t to say it doesn’t work. I mean, someone, somewhere is reading this. I think. (Hi, Mum.)

I am about to have my second book published. I realised I don’t think I ever mentioned the first one on this blog which is ridiculous, don’t you think, for a writer not to mention their writing because, well, that’s what I’m here for. For writing. And sharing that writing. But nope. I wrote a book and didn’t blog about it because, possibly, someone said blogs are so cringe now and no one blogs anymore so then I felt the cringe and ashamed of this little blog … And I just have to stop, stop, stop doing that. It’s like not wearing your hair in a side-part because we’re not supposed to do the side-part anymore but who the hell actually cares if you do the side-part? If it suits you, or even if it doesn’t, if you like the side-part, if you feel good with the side-part then do the damn side-part. I mean, you’re probably ‘allowed’ to do it again now anyway because some former-Disney-channel-starlet-turned-mega-star started doing it. But, regardless, these rules don’t apply when you get to certain age and I am most definitely of a certain age even though I try to kid myself into thinking I am not my knees are telling me a different story and that’s fine, that’s fine, that’s fine (no, reader, Mum, it isn’t fine at all).

All this is to say …

I am getting back into it … The Blog. The Messy Blog. Possibly. Maybe. I will at least try …

Thank you for sticking around. Or not. No pressure.

5 thoughts on “a messy blog

  1. 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’m reading 😆 was lovely to see you pop up in my emails. And I’ve preordered your next book. Looking forward to reading it xx

  2. I’m reading it too! (If you’re feeling of a certain age, listen to FORTY when you get a chance – it’s a great podcast talking with women who are in, or beyond, this decade and hearing their stories. Words of wisdom, if you will, from those who have travelled ahead of us https://www.thefortyedit.com.au/listen/ )
    Keep writing, Katy ◡̈ we are here!

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