Things I learnt today (lists made whilst watching the clock or: how to run out that last 90-minutes at work)

I have never worked in admin before. I have discovered it is a bizarre work environment where you can be busy and bored and offered endless slices of cake all at the same time.

Today I finished all my work and had nothing to do. Really. Nothing. I was done. Up-to-date. Finished. It was 4pm.

Here’s a list of ways I have learnt to run out the office clock:

  1. Refresh your emails
  2. Delete emails
  3. Go to the bathroom
  4. Make a cup of tea
  5. Type up stories, articles and ideas for your blog in Outlook (it looks like you are writing an amazingly detailed email)
  6. Create some thoughtfully named folders in Outlook
  7. Create some thoughtfully organised sub-folders in Outlook
  8. Move emails into aforementioned folder and sub-folders
  9. Have a look online for things that could pass for work-related research
  10. Be thankful you have a job
  11. Be thankful you have a job where you can do numbers 1 through to 9
  12. Don’t feel guilty because sometimes you put in way more than the allocated 7.6hours per day and there’s no such thing as overtime here
  13. Chat with your colleague about Game of Thrones
  14. Check your voice-mail
  15. Change your voice-mail using a different name / accent / company
  16. Delete your voice-mail
  17. Repeat steps 15 and 16 for as long as necessary or until you draw unwanted attention to yourself (whichever comes first)
  18. Don’t look at the clock
  19. Make a deal with yourself that you WILL NOT work in admin for the REST OF YOUR LIFE

Things I learnt today (lists made while I have a cold)

I have a cold. I’m trying to look on the bright-side. Here’s what I’ve learnt;

  • You should always put your coat on when it is freezing cold outside. Even if you think you look super cute in that new top you are wearing. You don’t look cute. You look freezing. So wear the damn coat.
  • You cannot catch a cold from being cold (so it’s not my fault but I should still wear a coat in winter)
  • I can wear my comfortable, oversized, that-looks-like-my-grandma’s cardigan to work and no-one minds because I Have A Cold.
  • I can leave work a little bit early because I Have A Cold.
  • I can have extra long, extra hot showers because I Have A Cold.
  • I can just have toast and jam and a cup of tea for dinner because I Have A Cold.
  • Blankets are nice.
  • Some brilliant person invented amazing tissues infused with Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus and Vitamin E.
  • I still don’t know why I need Vitamin E in a tissue.
  • Copywriters sometimes don’t have a lot of material to work with – on the bottom of the tissue box it reads “We hope that you love them as much as they love you and your family” … No.
  • More people than you realise turn out to be medical experts when you have a cold.
  • Sick days taken when you’re actually sick are not as fun as sick days taken when you just need a day off. They are, however, filled with less guilt and paranoia.
  • Being sick on your actual day off is a bit of a waste of your actual day off … But at least I’m saving those sick days for when I’m not actually sick.
  • Honey.
  • Lemon.
  • Honey and Lemon.
  • My boyfriend loves me even with the runny nose and the cough and the messy hair and the complaining and the miserable-face and the complaining and the tissues all over the floor and the complaining …
  • My boyfriend is a whole lot of awesome and he makes good soup (this is not a euphemism).
  • I am very lucky that all I have to complain about is the fact that I Have A Cold.
  • It’s not that bad.


Things I learnt today (lists made whilst waiting)

Today I had this meet and greet sort of thing for some casting directors. Nothing to get excited about. This is what I learnt:

  1. I’m terrible at waiting
  2. The waiting room at the casting agency is THE weirdest place on the earth
  3. Some people, particularly some actors, are incredibly eager
  4. Some people, particularly some actors, are incredibly weird  (I already knew that one to be honest)
  5. I shouldn’t drink long blacks
  6. I shouldn’t drink long blacks before heading into a waiting room
  7. Women dress up for the role they are auditioning for; men just rock up
  8. I’m still no good at waiting
  9. Always bring a book … or something …
  10. Shoes maketh the outfit
  11. I need some new shoes
  12. Scrap Number 7. Some men do dress up for the role they are auditioning for … Some do a better job at it than others
  13. I need to get better at waiting
  14. Talking to camera is an art in itself
  15. Be yourself but brush your hair (occasionally … and I did … and I was happy I did)
  16. I am interesting
  17. Don’t worry about the unknown – just enjoy the ride … Like Marty in the DeLorean
  18. Lots of people wear yellow – you just have to be on the look out for it

All in all, a  pretty insightful day I think.

Here’s to the next waiting room …